Flood Damaged Car? Here, We Repair Flooded Cars in Houston, TX 77063

Flood Damaged Car in Houston? We Repair Flooded Cars in Houston, TX 77063

If your car was damaged by the flood and won’t start from Houston flooding. Call and lets get it towed to our repair shop. Once we get the vehicle in we can check the engine, transmission, electrical system and air intake for water. Also remove seats, carpet, padding and dry the moister out of the vehicle. Then we can access the damages and give you an estimate on the repair job. If it’s an insurance job we can help you take care of the entire claim process and get you into a rental car.

The 1st Choice Automotive team is experienced handling flood vehicles and making sure our customers are taken care of during the entire process. We are experts at handling all insurance claims, and will put your best interests first.

1st Choice Automotive Inc. Houston, TX 77063

If Your Car is Flooded Out And In Need Of Repairs in Houston, TX.

  • ASE Certified
  • Official Vehicle Inspection Station
  • AAA Approved Auto Repair
  • Certified Auto Repair Houston

We can have a certified mechanic inspect your car for water damage due to the recent flooding. Then one of our service advisers can go over the technicians assessment with you.

If Your Car is Flooded Out And In Need Of Repairs in Houston, TX.

We fix flood cars, located at 8903 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77063. Call us, our phone number is 713-782-5665. Our auto repair warranty is 2 year / 24,000 miles. Repair warranty (1st year nationwide, 2nd year in-house.) Ask for details on rental car and towing with major repairs. We are able to handle all types of vehicle insurance claims from the beginning to the end.

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