Coolant System Flush “Auto Repair Houston” Check for Leaks

Having mechanical problems with any car is a real pain in the neck. We offer professional auto repair services in Houston. When a car is broke down or wont start and it needs to be fixed a.s.a.p. We can get it towed to our garage and fix it up real good and get you back on the road in no time. We are a AAA approved auto repair facility and warranty all our work with a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty, nationwide.


Coolant_System_Flush_Auto-Repair-Houston_Check_for_LeaksIt is just a matter of time before your car needs to be serviced. There are so many problems that can be avoided when you have a good mechanic looking for problems while your car is in the shop for a routine oil change or any general maintenance service.

Most over-heating problems start out as small intake, hose, water-pump or radiator leaks but when they are left un-repaired can cause major engine damages! A leaky hose or a bad water pump could be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new engine. Winter is upon us, it’s getting really cold outside and when you turn on the cars engine you better hope you got the right mixture of antifreeze!

Many vehicles that have small coolant leaks have been diluted with water during the summer and need to have a coolant flush this winter. Have you noticed any small puddles under your car or in your garage? Weather you have or not, be smart, get your coolant checked. Many radiators and even some parts of the engine will crack during a hard freeze on a cold day. Anti-Freeze doesn’t freeze up as easily as water and when water freezes it expands and a coolant system full of water will also cause engines to over heat in stop and go traffic and other instances too.

We have a special tool to check the dilution of anti-freeze to water in the coolant system. We can also pressure test the coolant system and find out exactly where the coolant is leaking out. We repair coolant system leaks all the time. We replace hoses, water pumps and radiators day in and day out. Then we can give you a detailed estimate on parts, labor and a time frame on how long the service will take.

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