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Car Transmission Brakes! Need to Align A Transport to Work & Up Front Repair Quote. Call 1st Choice Automotive

Tired of High Prices? Did Your Car Transmission Brake? We Can Align You Transportation to Work & Give You A Up Front Repair Quote. Just Call 1st Choice Automotive Next Time Your Car Lets You Down. 

Diagnosis Service
Weather you have a heavy duty diesel, commercial or light truck we can diagnose A/C, front end, engine, brakes and exhaust problems, repair them and have you back on the road in no time. We are a AAA approved auto repair shop, located in Houston Texas. We guarantee all our work with a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty, nationwide.

auto repair houston

Air Conditioning Service
We offer a full line of automotive air conditioning services from a full conversion to a simple re-charge of Freon, we are the experts at finding the right parts for your car or truck so when your ac goes down, let us check it out for you we can get your compressor, belts and hoses back in tip top condition in no time.

Front End Service
When is the last time you had the front end of your car or truck checked out? The suspension of your vehicle is important safety issue. A loose or worn out bushing, spring, shock or tire could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. With regular service and maintenance a mechanic shop should check your vehicles front end while its up on the lift, it just takes a few minutes. Just bring your vehicle in to our garage and we will get a master technician to check it out for you. If we find something wrong we will bring you out to the vehicle and show you what the problem is. Then we can print you out an estimate and you can decide what you want to do.

Engine & Machine Work Service
We do heavy line work as well as regular maintenance here at 1st Choice automotive Inc. We rebuild/replace entire engines, transmissions, rear ends and more. Depending on how much you have to spend or can afford we offer new as well as used parts for all vehicles foreign and domestic on all major repairs.

Auto Repair Houston

Brake Service
We offer a full line of brake services. When you hear a brake squeal or feel a vibration in the brake peddle, remember we are the masters of brakes so when a brake problem occurs let us check it out immediately! In an emergency, call us, we can have your vehicle towed to our shop and serviced the same day. We turn rotors replace pads, shoes, calibers and boosters on a daily basis. Once we check it out we can give you a quote on the repair costs.

Exhaust Service
An exhaust leak can cause many problems, problems like: Low performance, heavy gas consumption, noise pollution and much much more. Some repairs are as simple as a broken exhaust clamp, a gasket or a tail pipe rattle. But some exhaust problems could ruin the internal parts of the engine all together, problems like a cracked manifold or a stopped up catalytic converter could cause internal engine valves to burn and crack! So if or when you notice a strange noise get it check out immediately to avoid further damages. Maybe you would like a high performance exhaust system with headers or a set of high flow cats, we do that too. Last but not least a exhaust leak will cause your car to fail an emission test.

Watch Car Transmission Brakes! Need to Align A Transport to Work & Up Front Repair Quote Video

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